What price is worth a Paddle Surf board?

One thing is clear: Paddle Surf is fashionable. Facing surfing for a lifetime, it offers greater versatility and easier learning, especially if we have the right board. Here we want to review the price of Paddle Surf boards according to their range and with some reference models. We also bring you some tips to avoid being scammed and, above all, so you know what the average prices are.

At the outset, we must highlight three large groups of SUP tables that largely determine their price:

  • Race: ideal boards for crossings. The best Paddle Surf boards of this type are around 1000 euros in price, although advanced models can exceed 1500
  • Surf or Waves: perfect boards to catch waves. A good SUP board to catch waves has a price range between 1000 and 1400 euros
  • Hybrids: they offer an ideal behavior for both Race and Surf. Its average price, in the most basic models, is around 500 – 600 euros

Large online stores such as Amazon or Decathlon, as well as websites specializing in Paddle Surf such as Surfmarket or Surfboarder are clear references.

Price of used Paddle Surf

On online pages and physical stores that sell second-hand SUP boards, you can find good models for less than 1000 euros. Our advice: distrust the price ranges that go below 400 euros. Ideally, a second-hand table in good condition is to offer a discount of between 30% and 50% compared to the price of the new product.

If we find a Paddle Surf board at a much lower price, we could be facing a model with defects, or already very worn by the use, which would cause us to last very shortly. Therefore, when buying a second-hand SUP board, it is preferable not to look for the cheapest, but an intermediate price that corresponds well with the characteristics we are looking for lender  click here checkloansnow.

Some examples of price of SUP tables

Here we review some indicative prices of the best known models of the moment in the world of Paddle Surfing. It will be useful to guide you to find the ideal table you are looking for:

  • Bugz SUP Original SLX: This is perhaps the best known SUP board model for beginners. It is a basic level hybrid table with teak wood core. Good brand and with an adjusted price: 599 euros. It can be taken as a reference for beginners: paddle surf boards for those who are starting will never exceed 1000 euros.
  • Surftech Allmerrick Caddi Tuflit: Here is an example of what a high standing SUP board would be. It is one of the best models on the market and its price is around 1950 euros. It is indicative if we are looking for a first Paddle Surf board. Ideally, not to spend much of that range (2000 euros)
  • JP Australian Fusion: This SUP board model specializes in catching waves. Its price is around 1300 euros and is a good example of reference for those who prefer to catch waves to make crossings.